Colibri Book Covering System

The Colibri book covering system

The Colibri book covering machine is easy to use, affordable and enables you to cover your library books by hand to increase their lifespan by protecting from spills, damage fading and more.

As one of the world's leading book covering systems, this machine has been designed to enable you to add a plastic cover to your books quickly and efficiently ‐ and with a perfect fit every time. Designed for flexibility to your needs, the e‐Leonardo machine will cut your Colibri book covers to the exact size you need whether you are covering a book, comic or sketchpad. Once fitted, these tough transparent plastic book covers will add a durable outer shell that's dirt and water resistant, with built in antibacterial elements, the covers will help to ensure that your books are protected from the things you can't see too.

Designed for quick and easy use, your e‐Leonardo machine is so simple to use, covering a book can be as simple as two button presses ‐ no more wrestling with awkward sticky tapes. The digitally enhance system means you cut down book covering time to as little as 20 seconds. Plus, with your machine, you'll also receive a free activation pedal, perfect for when you have a large volume of jobs to cover